This expedition is organized jointly by three companies: Costa Camper rental which operates in Spain and Camper Expeditions Adam Soczewka and rental Most participants will arrive with motorhomes from Poland, together with Adam but you can also fly to Alicante by plane and rent a motorhome on site, thus enjoying the quintessence of the trip. The trip is planned in such a way as to combine relaxation with sightseeing, we will spend time on beautiful beaches ( also evenings and nights ) but we will also visit places where everyone will have the choice of sightseeing or lazing around and resting at their own discretion.

The advantage of our expedition is this, that we always have "apartments" with us and we don't have to go back to the apartment , so we're not rushing anywhere. Costa Camper is a rental company operating in Alicante for over 6 years and Mark, who will be a pilot knows the coast of Spain very well, has been traveling with motorhomes in Spain for many years, and he came to Spain for the first time over 30 years ago. Just like the CamperyASONE rental has been operating on the market since 2019 and Adam has been passionate about caravanning for over 20 years and organizes motorhome trips all over Europe and the United States.


Campers rented in SPAIN from COSTA CAMPER: 27 October 2023 do 07 November 2023 – details of the trip below

Campers rented in POLAND from 21 October 2023 do 12 November 2023 - trip details


motorhome rental in Spain Costa Camper together with motorhome rental


• Motorhome rented on site in Spain at Costa Camper, you can fly to us by plane to Alicante and we will pick you up from the airport and hand over the motorhomes for the trip. After the trip, you also return home by plane.
• Motorhome rented in Poland in Warsaw at CamperyASONE, you will reach us in a group of motorhomes and you will see many beautiful places on the way in transit in both directions.
• You can also join us with your own motorhome and we will meet in Alicante or you can go together with CamperyASONE in a group that is leaving Poland.


0 km


We meet on the beach near Alicante with the crews who flew to Alicante by plane and Marek, who will be our guide to the coast of Spain. We are going to Alicante, we leave the motorhomes in a safe place and go by bus to explore Alicante . We will take the elevator to the Castle of St. Barbara from where there is a beautiful view of the panorama of the entire Alicante, then free time to explore the city, in the evening chatting with wine on the beach with a view of Alicante

150 km + 30 km

The Azohia

After a morning start, we head towards Percheles Beach, but first we will take a scenic route through the mountains to the village of La Azohia, where there is a very nice climatic restaurant with local dishes ( seafood etc).

Playa Percheles

In the evening, a feast and a barbecue on the Percheles beach where we have to get to the evening

0 km

Playa Percheles

Sunbathing on the tropical and beautiful beach of Playa de Percheles in the evening feast and barbecue on the beach, here we stay all day so wine with dinner is recommended… There is a nice bike trail at this place, all the time by the sea, in addition, it is a place of cultivation and you can buy some of the best tangerines I've had in ES.

150 km

Cabo de Gata

In the morning we go to Cabo de Gata National Park , on the way we will visit a beautiful wild beach, then we drive high up to the viewpoint , really great experience, then go down and relax on the beach , dinner at sunset , they are really beautiful here. In the evening, a feast on the beach.

270 km

Fuengirola and Marbella

on this day we have a bit to go and see , we go to the car park for motorhomes in the town of Fuengirola lying between Malaga and Marbella, right next to the spot there is a beautiful castle in the vicinity of which, with a bit of luck, you can meet a lot of parrots living in the wild, right next to the beautiful beach.

on the same day we go by bus to explore Marbella with its beautiful old town.

0 km


breakfast and walk to the border ( ID cards are enough ) we're going to Gibraltar , where we have the whole day at our disposal because on this day we are not going anywhere

300 km

Almerimar (via the N340 section)

We have a bit of work to do on this day, in the morning coffee and snacks in a port restaurant and transfer to Almerimar, on the way a beautiful scenic route where we will take a break for lunch ( we cook in motorhomes ). Free time upon arrival ( rest )

170 km

Carolina Beach

Transfer to La Carolina beach for rest and sunbathing , evening feast and barbecue on the beach

0 km

Carolina Beach

We are not going anywhere on this day, we rest and recharge our batteries in this wonderful place , called by us "two beaches" due to its location between two beaches, where on the one hand we have the wild sea and on the other the sea is calm like a lake, there's always somewhere to hide when the winds blow. You can also climb small rocks here

250 km


In the morning we set off towards Altea, we are staying at the campsite. Here everyone will find something for themselves, there are pubs along the long seaside promenade, restaurants surrounded by a beautiful beach. The old town of Altea is breathtaking.

0 km

altea / Benidorm

We are not going anywhere on this day, we stay at the campsite, everyone does what they want: rest on the beach or visiting the famous Benidorm, often called the "Manhattan of Europe" due to the high buildings that are located in this city, can be reached by bus ( 15 min ) or by bike. Evening Farewell dinner with our pilot Mark from CostaCamper. Rest before returning to Poland.

70 km


Return to Alicante, return of motorhomes rented in Spain, transport to the airport and the rest of the crew on their way back to Poland with Adam


👉 matches ElnaghBaron 26g , max. 6 people in the crew : 1540 € / for the crew. 🇬🇧 BOOK 🇪🇸 RESERVA 🇵🇱 REZERWUJ

👉 motorhome Roller Team Zefiro , max 5 people in the crew : 1705 € / for the crew. 🇬🇧 BOOK 🇪🇸 RESERVA 🇵🇱 REZERWUJ

👉 fighting habit Fresa Marco Polo , max 3 people in the crew : 1320 € / for the crew. 🇬🇧 BOOK 🇪🇸 RESERVA 🇵🇱 REZERWUJ

👉 share with your own motorhome : no seats available / for the crew. 🇬🇧 BOOK 🇪🇸 RESERVE 🇵🇱 BOOK


  • price guarantee for the organizational minimum, i.e. 2 motorhomes rented from our rental or 4 crew with their own motorhome
  • the possibility of organizing a trip below the organizational minimum with the acceptance of the price change by the participants
  • return 100% payments in the absence of the organizational minimum and no consent to change the price by the participants
  • return 100% payments in the case of factors preventing the rental of motorhomes and the trip
  • the possibility of crediting the payment towards the trip organized at a different date
  • 1x motorhome with equipment ready to go, rented in accordance with conditions
  • participation in the expedition ( a joint trip along the coast of Spain )
  • support of the expedition leader to help , knowledge and experience along the entire route
  • daily fees at campsites and camper parks on the planned route
  • bus tickets to Alicante
  • Participant starter pack: cap, sticker or other gadget
  • photo report shared by all participants
  • deposit to the motorhome rental agreement
  • optional equipment service fee and cleaning
  • motorhome fuel
  • motorhome insurance of participants (OC+ASSISTANCE insurance for EUROPE required)
  • tolls, parking lots and others on the road, outside campsites with daily stops
  • the cost of roadside assistance in the event of a need, beyond the scope of insurance
  • additional insurance of participants
  • entrance tickets to points of tourist attractions
  • meals ( food costs very similar to our domestic ones, and even lower )
  • local transport other than those planned in the itinerary of the trip
  • organization of optional trips
  • organization of meals in restaurants/bars/taverns
  • organization of activities and attractions according to the participants' preferences
  • tips and other customary fees
  • other than those indicated in the offer


Please bring important documents such as: ID card, driving license, passport and purchase of travel insurance.

We inform, that the subject of the contract is the rental of the Vehicle, and not a contract for the provision of tourist services, within the meaning of the Act of August 29, 1997 on tourist services. Means, that the Lessee is aware of the fact, that he takes full responsibility for himself, co-passengers and for the Leased Object and is prepared for any unforeseen situations, np. disease, accident, Vehicle failure, itp., because the Landlord's assistance may be limited. The Lessor provides the insurance contracts required by law for the Subject of the Lease, additional insurance is concluded by the Lessee on his own behalf and for his own account. The contract and the motorhome rental regulations apply. Participants of the expedition rent a motorhome from Costa Camper or have their own and join the expedition at their own risk. Any costs other than those specified in the offer, covered by the Lessor such as fuel, food, restaurants attractions, highway tolls, car parks, fines, treatment etc...