organized motorhome trip on the coast of Spain, we meet in Alicante where everyone has to reach on their own, we pick you up from the airport and deliver motorhomes rented from us. Ryanair and WizzAir fly to Alicante directly from several airports in Poland, you can also use the flight search engine where sometimes you can find a very cheap connecting flight. People joining with their own cameras plan and reach Alicante on their own. The trip is planned in such a way as to combine relaxation with sightseeing, we will spend time on beautiful beaches ( also evenings and nights ) but we will also visit places where everyone will have the choice of sightseeing or lazing at their own discretion 🙂

The advantage of our expedition is this , that we always have "apartments" with us and we don't have to go back to the apartment , so we're not rushing anywhere. This is how the route is planned, so that we don't have to drive many kilometers in one day. We are not going on a bus trip, so everything is done on LUZA, to such an extent that if the group decides to make a minor adjustment to the plan , or the weather will force it, no problem with that.

We know the coast of Spain very well, we have been traveling with motorhomes in Spain for over 7 lat, and I came to Spain for the first time over 30 years ago.

My name is Marek and I will travel with you personally during this trip, helping you , knowledge and experience as. the leader of the expedition 🙂


22 December 2023 do 05 January 2024


Costa Camper


👉 plane to Alicante on your own

👉 motorhome rented from our rental

👉 access and participation with your own motorhome ( we do not accept caravans )

It is possible to order Christmas dishes in the form of catering from a friend, Polish restaurant. The choice of dishes is really big, all very delicious ( checked ) and at attractive prices. The menu will be handed over to the participants of the expedition in order to order it in advance.


80 km


We meet on the beach near Alicante and head towards Altea where we will spend the night on a beautiful beach, on the way we will stop at the market to do some shopping, and in the evening we will get to know each other a little better 🥂

15 km + 45 km


In the morning we go to the town of Calpe, which is famous for its beautiful rock and therefore is often called little Gibraltar , also due to the fact that it is inhabited by many English people. We will climb ( entry time about an hour ) to the PENON DE IFACH rock from which there is a beautiful view of the whole area, Those who do not want to get tired will stay downstairs where they will have beautiful beaches at their disposal, restaurants and promenade. We pick up catering on the way – our Christmas dishes ordered in a friendly Polish restaurant ( checked, delicious and at very attractive prices ). For the night we go to a campsite in Oliva where we will spend Christmas.

0 km

Oliva – camping

Sunbathing, walks along the sea and preparations for Christmas Eve, in the evening, a common Christmas Eve on the beach with the sound of waves and moonlight 🙂

0 km

Oliva – camping

We spend the first day of Christmas lazily, sunbathing and walking along the sea, free time to rest. In the evening, a joint barbecue on the beach and night conversations of Poles 🥂

25 km


In the morning, drive to the campsite in Denia, those who feel like it and have the strength go to visit a hidden grotto or walk along the promenade and visit the beautiful town of Denia – to be agreed with the group.

100 km


Alicante, we're going to welcome the second group :), we stop at a popular camper spot right on the beach outside the city, by bus we go to Alicante ( motorhomes are safe) city ​​tour, if everything goes well, we will take the elevator to the Santa Barbara castle from where there is a beautiful view of the panorama of the entire Alicante. We spend the night on the beach with a view of the illuminated city and get to know the new participants better 🥂

150 km

wild beach near Mazarron

Coffee in the morning on the beach or in a nearby cafeteria where they serve delicious “pancakes with chocolate” and we are going to sunbathe on a tropical and beautiful beach, evening feast and barbecue on the beach, if we collect palm leaves, we can also make a bonfire on the beach here. There is a nice bike trail at this place, all the time by the sea, in addition, it is a place of cultivation and you can buy some of the best tangerines I've had in ES.

350 km


On this day, there is no time to be lazy, we are going to the beautiful town of Nerja, many tourists appreciate Nerja as typical, Spanish climate, one of the most beautiful beaches of Spain hidden in small bays and many interesting attractions around. the main point, a must visit for everyone in the area, is the so-called. The balcony of Europe. This is the best viewpoint of Nerja.

220 km


Another top spot! We're going to the mecca of surfers 🌊 ( winds always blow here 💨 ), as Wikipedia writes: the city is the southernmost city of mainland Spain. Located in the south, Cape Punta de Tarifa is the southernmost point of mainland Europe (36°00’00.3″N 5°36’37.3″W). During the day, under good weather conditions, from the vicinity of Tarifa, you can see perfectly, which is only about 20 miles off the coast of Africa. At night you can see the lights of the African city of Tangier, away by approx 30 kilometers.

45 km

Rate / Gibraltar / New Year's Eve 💥💥💥

Until noon we rest on the beach in Tarifa, we admire the skills of the surfers and enjoy the beautiful beach, different than those we have seen so far, because the ocean beaches of Spain begin here. Late in the afternoon we go to the town of La Línea de la Concepción, where we safely leave our motorhomes at the camper park in the port and go for a walk to Gibraltar on New Year's Eve ( to the border we have 300-500m).

NEW YEAR'S EVE IN GIBRALTAR it's a great party , Gibraltar does not save, live music, dj, plenty of pubs and at midnight a breathtaking fireworks show – no one will forget this event, even before covid I spent one of the best New Year's Eve parties in my life here…

0 km


We sleep off the New Year's Eve night and then visit Gibraltar, entry on a scale of Gibraltar and a walk around the old town. On these days we are not going anywhere so we have a whole day in Gibraltar , wine for dinner recommended 😉

240 km


After a morning start, coffee in a port restaurant, we go to Calahonda, where we rest on the beach after these “heavy” days, we park right next to the sea where we will stay overnight.

230 km

“two beaches”

We're going to a wonderful place, called by us "two beaches" due to its location between two beaches, where on the one hand we have the wild sea and on the other the sea is calm like a lake, there's always somewhere to hide when the winds blow. You can also climb small rocks here , on the way we will go along a mega scenic piece of the national road, where there will be beautiful views down below, we will stop at the descents to enjoy this landscape a bit longer. In the evening, feast and barbecue on the beach , how lucky it will be in the moonlight.

200 km

Santa Pola

We spend the day on the beach 😎 , we are resting, we sunbathe and who is braver can even take a bath in the sea 🏊 ♂️ . In the late afternoon we go to another wild beach near Alicante, chat in the evening and sleep ( we sleep once again by the sea )

15 km


Return to the beach below the airport, where we started our adventure , who has time can still go to the beach and then transfer to the airport and return to reality - fortunately with a guarantee of unforgettable moments ... Saloudos 🙁


👉 motorhome ElnaghBaron 26g , max. 6 people in the crew : 2.260 € / for the crew. 🇬🇧 BOOK 🇪🇸 RESERVA 🇵🇱 REZERWUJ

👉 motorhome Roller Team Zefiro , max 5 people in the crew : 2.345 € / for the crew. 🇬🇧 BOOK 🇪🇸 RESERVA 🇵🇱 REZERWUJ

👉 motorhome CI Horn 84M , max 5 people in the crew : 2.345 € / for the crew. 🇬🇧 BOOK 🇪🇸 RESERVA 🇵🇱 BOOK

👉 battles van Fresa Marco Polo , max 3 people in the crew : 1.970 € / for the crew. 🇬🇧 BOOK 🇪🇸 RESERVA 🇵🇱 REZERWUJ

👉 participation with your own motorhome : 950 € / for the crew. 🇬🇧 BOOK 🇪🇸 RESERVA 🇵🇱 REZERWUJ

⚠️ limited number of motorhomes, the order of booking decides


  • price guarantee for the organizational minimum, i.e. 2 motorhomes rented from our rental or 4 crew with their own motorhome
  • the possibility of organizing a trip below the organizational minimum with the acceptance of the price change by the participants
  • return 100% payments in the absence of the organizational minimum and no consent to change the price by the participants
  • return 100% payments in the case of factors preventing the rental of motorhomes and the trip
  • the possibility of crediting the payment towards the trip organized at a different date
  • 1x motorhome with equipment ready to go, rented in accordance with conditions
  • the support of the expedition commander to help , knowledge and experience along the entire route
  • daily fees at campsites and camper parks along the entire route
  • bus tickets to Alicante
  • Participant starter pack: cap, sticker or other gadget
  • photo report shared by all participants
  • deposit to the motorhome rental agreement
  • motorhome fuel
  • motorhome insurance of participants (OC+ASSISTANCE insurance for EUROPE required)
  • tolls, parking lots and others on the road, outside campsites with daily stops
  • the cost of roadside assistance in the event of a need, beyond the scope of insurance
  • additional insurance of participants
  • entrance tickets to points of tourist attractions
  • meals ( food costs very similar to our domestic ones, and even lower )
  • local transport other than those planned in the itinerary of the trip
  • organization of optional trips
  • organization of meals in restaurants/bars/taverns
  • organization of activities and attractions according to the participants' preferences
  • tips and other customary fees
  • other than those indicated in the offer


Please bring important documents such as: ID card, driving license, passport and purchase of travel insurance.

We inform, that the subject of the contract is the rental of the Vehicle, and not a contract for the provision of tourist services, within the meaning of the Act of August 29, 1997 on tourist services. Means, that the Lessee is aware of the fact, that he takes full responsibility for himself, co-passengers and for the Leased Object and is prepared for any unforeseen situations, np. disease, accident, Vehicle failure, itp., because the Landlord's assistance may be limited. The Lessor provides the insurance contracts required by law for the Subject of the Lease, additional insurance is concluded by the Lessee on his own behalf and for his own account. The contract and the motorhome rental regulations apply. Participants of the expedition rent a motorhome from Costa Camper or have their own and join the expedition at their own risk. Any costs other than those specified in the offer, covered by the Lessor such as fuel, food, restaurants attractions, highway tolls, car parks, fines, treatment etc...