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Camper hire – welcome to our motorhome rental directly in Spain, Alicante, on the Costa Blanca, where the sun shines more than 300 days a year !!! Season in Spain lasts all year, even the winter camping and camper parks are teeming with life and is full of motorhomes and campervans. In Spain, there are plenty of places where you can stop for safe accommodation even for Eur 5, there is no shortage of places where the motorhomes stays for long term . What are the advantages of such a solution? The possibility of a shorter leave (you dont need about six days to get there and back), lower rental cost (you do not need to pay for an additional days needed for traveling to Spain), there are cheaper cost of getting to Spain also (you do not have to pay for fuel and expensive motorway), cheaper is the cost of renting per day (in high season for the motorhome you have to pay more than 100 Eur / day plus a surcharge for an option). In Spain, the season lasts all year round, and for motorhomes basically best time is October to end of May, in this season to Spain comes motorhomes and campervans from all over Europe to spend the winter in warm conditions. “Costa Camper” has prepared especially for you this amazing offer …

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Why you should rent motorhome directly in Spain

You do not have to spend 6 days

traveling across Europe

Although the season in Spain lasts

almost year-round, you will pay a lower

rental fee than in July or August

in your local rental.

Lower the cost of getting to the place,

cheap airline you will get even for 50 Eur,

the journey across Europe is a big expense (fuel + highway)

about as

We are a company that offers camper hire in Spain in Alicante. Due to the fact that even in winter the weather in Spain is sunny, we decided to move the fleet to the Costa Blanca coastline to allow lovers of this form of tourism, to spend the winter in a more pleasant climate 🙂

There you can fly by plane and save on the time and money that you need to get there. You can get cheap flights to Spain. With many airports in Europe cheap airlines fly to Spain, on the Alicante airport will pick you up our representative. You save up to 6 days of vacation and about 1000 Eur, because you do not have to go by road…

Throughout Europe there is more and more camper traffic, which only confirms our theory that caravaning has gained immense popularity in the Old Continent. And now the best – now you can rent a camper waiting for you in Spain.

The season in Spain lasts all year, even winter campsites and camper parks are full of life and full of motorhomes and campervans. There are plenty of places in Spain where you can stay safe even for 5 Eur, there are also places where “mobile apartments” stay in group for free. What are the advantages of this solution? Longer holiday(you don’t have to miss 6 days for commuting and return by the roads), lower cost of renting about 500 – 600 Eur (you do not have to pay for extra 6 days needed for traveling by Europe), cheaper cost to get to Spain (no need to pay for fuel and expensive motorway), cheaper rent per day (high season in your local rental you pay over 100 Eur / day + optional equipment surcharge. In Spain the season lasts all year, and for motorhomes the best term is October until the end of May, then to Spain comes motorhomes from all over Europe to spend the winter in warm conditions. For rent you will pay less than 100 Eur / day, and the price including everything you need to live, a fully equipped camper and even bicycles …).

    5 star review  Mieliśmy przyjemność podróżować kamperem po Hiszpanii i Portugalii. Kampera wypożyczyliśmy z firmy Costa Camper na miejscu w Alicante.Zaoszczędziliśmy w ten sposób 5 dni cennego urlopu na dojazd i powrót,a do tego sporo pieniędzy. Dziękujemy pracownikom tej firmy za miłą obsługę, pomoc oraz wsparcie jakiego udzielali nam podczas całego pobytu. Kamper spełnił nasze oczekiwania dając nam poczucie wolności ale w bardzo komfortowej formie :). Pozdrawiamy przemiłą załogę Costa Camper i polecamy ich usługi na krótkie i długie wypady.

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