Terms of reservation

  1. For the reservation to be valid, you must make an advance payment, the amount of the advance payment is calculated during the booking process
  2. You can pay the advance payment by bank transfer (You will receive information about the account number after making a reservation), the advance must be paid to 2 days from the booking, otherwise it will be rejected
  3. The rental payment must be made in full, within 30 days before the pick-up date, if the tenant fails to complete the payment within this period, the booking will be canceled and you will be charged as below
  4. In case of cancellation, the following fees will be charged based on the value of the reservation before discounts and discounts :
    1. above 50 days before the start of the booking, 20% booking value.
    2. 49 do 25 days before the start of the booking, 50% booking value.
    3. 24 do 16 days before the start of the booking, 75% booking value.
    4. 15 do 8 days before the start of the booking, 90% booking value.
    5. below 7 days before the start of the booking, 100% booking value.
  5. If you make a reservation in less than 30 days from the date of receipt of the car, you are obliged to pay the entire amount for the rental !
  6. After receiving your reservation, our employee verifies it and sends information about its confirmation to the e-mail address provided
  7. The advance payment is refundable only if the rent is not due to the Lessor's fault.
  8. After the advance payment is made, the reservation is considered completed and the "general rental conditions" apply to you
  9. A deposit must be paid on the day of pick-up of the motorhome at the latest ,by bank transfer (the funds must be credited to our account)
  10. If the deposit is not paid or the tenant does not show the required identity documents, the booking will be treated as a last minute cancellation
  11. Airport transfers in hours 7.00 – 22.00, extra charge at night. Issuing motorhomes from an hour 15.00 return to 11.00 , if there are no other reservations on a given day, other hours can be arranged.