Terms of Use for Renting a Car

Terms of reservation

  1. To be valid reservation you need to pay an advance, the amount of the advance payment is calculated during the booking process
  2. The advance payment can be paid by bank transfer (account number information, you will get after booking process), an advance payment must be paid to 2 days of making the reservation otherwise will be rejected
  3. Payment for the rental must be paid in full within 30 days prior to the date of receipt of the car, if the tenant in this period does not complete the payment, the booking will be canceled and will be charged fees as follows
  4. in case of cancellation you will be charged the following fees:
    • more than 50 days before the beginning of the reservation, 20% of the total rental costs,
    • 49 to 25 days before start of booking, 50% of total rental cost.
    • 24 to 16 days before start of booking, 75% of total rental cost.
    • 15 to 8 days before start of booking, 90% of total rental cost.
    • Under 7 days prior to booking, 100% of total rental cost
  5. When you make your reservation in less than 30 days from the date of receipt of the car, you are obliged to pay the whole amount for the rent!
  6. After receiving your reservation our staff verifies it and send you email confirmation
  7. The advance is refundable only if the booking cannot be done by the fault of the Lessor.
  8. After payment of the advance booking is deemed to have been made and you begin to apply “the general conditions of the rental”
  9. By the date of receipt of camper deposit must be paid by bank transfer (money must be credited to our account), credit card or paypal (in case of credit card or PayPal will be charged 2%)
  10. If the deposit is not paid or tenant does not have the required identity documents, the booking will be treated as canceled at the last minute


General Terms of Rental

1. General terms and conditions.

1.1. The following terms and conditions of renting a car are determined by the Tenant’s rights and obligations as well as the renting of the car. These Terms and Conditions form an integral part of the Car Lease Agreement and become binding upon the Parties at the time of reservation or signing the Motorhome Lease Agreement.

1.2. The subject of the Lease Agreement is the rent of a motorhome and the additional equipment specified in the acceptance protocol.

1.3. Rental begins when the rider acceptance protocol is signed or on the date indicated in reservation form.

1.4. The acceptance protocol must be completed and signed by both parties to the Agreement and be annexed to the Lease Agreement.

1.5. In the event that the vehicle is stopped, locked, sealed, deposited or occupied or otherwise immobilized for any reason due to the Tenant’s fault, all expenses have to be paid by the Tenant, including loss under the lease

1.6. The Tenant can only be a citizen of a country belonging to the European Union, holding valid documents and address of residence within the European Union

1.7. The “General Terms and Conditions” are binding on both parties as of the date of booking confirmation and are an integral part of the lease.


2. Requirements for the Tenant and the driver

2.1. The driver of the car can be the Tenant or the person indicated by him, entered into the lease as a second driver. Driver must be a person 28 – 65 years old and have a B category license at least 3 years.

2.2. On the day of signing the contract, the Tenant submits the photocopies (must show originals) of two current photo IDs (including one of which must be a driving license), which are necessary for the signing of the Lease Agreement, for the company – registration documents and two identity documents of the person authorized to represent the company.

2.3. The Tenant is responsible for meeting the requirements of the driver.

2.4. The Tenant shall be fully liable for any damage suffered during the rental process and non-Rental Conditions by all participants, including the driver.

2.5. In the case of rental of the same vehicle by several persons, their liability is joint and several.

2.6. The Tenant / Driver is obliged to refuel the vehicle at a reputable service station and maintain payment receipts in case of engine failure due to faulty fuel. In the event of failure to do so, the Tenant may be held liable for the damage.


3. Insurance

3.1. The car has full insurance. The Tenant / Driver is obliged to strictly comply with the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance. In case of non-observance, the Tenant shall be fully liable for any losses incurred in connection therewith, and in particular for situations where this may lead to the insurer’s refusal to pay the indemnity.

3.2. The Tenant is responsible for the resulting damage to the car up to the amount of deposit paid

3.3. The Tenant’s liability is in no way limited, in the event of damage beyond the compensation received, or in the event of a refusal to pay compensation by the insurer in particular when:

  • Damage caused by reckless driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • driver, escapes from accident.
  • The Tenant has not reported the incident to the police unless such notification has not affected the verification of the cause of the damage or the damage.
  • Damage is due to forbidden use
  • The damage was caused by an unauthorized driver.
  • The damage was caused by ignoring the vehicle dimensions (height, width, length).
  • Damage is caused by excessive charge


4. Reservation, contract conclusion, payment terms

4.1. Motorhome reservations can be made through the reservation system on our company web site, receiving an electronic confirmation of booking.

4.2. The cost of renting a motorhome is determined on the basis of the current price list of the Landlord and consists of:

4.2.1. rents paid for the number of days specified in the reservation form or Lease Agreement,

4.2.2. Service charge for one-time car equipment in a full gas bottle, specialized liquids and toilet paper, full water tanks, instruction.

4.2.3. optional equipment

4.2.4. fee for exceeding the average daily limit of 400 km per day in the amount of 0,40 Eur / km. The fee does not apply to the rental period over 14 days.

4.3. The Tenant bears the operating costs associated with the use of the car, including fuel costs, vignettes abroad and highway and car fees, ferry and tunnel costs, tunnel and bridges costs, penalty costs and repairs for damage caused by Renter.

4.4. To confirm the booking, referred to in point 4.1. Within 2 days Tenant have to pay advance calculated during booking process

4.5. No payment within the time limit and the amount specified in the booking form will result in rejection

4.6. At the latest 30 days prior to the planned date of the car to be received by the Tenant, payment should be increased by making a supplementary payment to 100% of the total rental fee specified in point. 4.2.

4.7. The deposit required at the time of booking must be paid at the latest on the day of rental, in the case of bank transfer, the funds must be posted on our account before the vehicle is released.

4.8. If the total fee is not paid within the agreed timeframe, this will be equivalent to resigning from renting a car.

4.9. After signing the Lease Agreement, the lease term can be changed only with the consent of the Lessor. If this change is to be made less than 30 days from the start date of the rental period, it may only be made on a cancellation basis.

4.9.1. The Lessor reserves the right to verify the identity of the Tenant, in case of irregularities he or she has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract / cancell a reservation and to inform the law enforcement authorities of the possibility of committing the offense.


5. Deposit

5.1. The Tenant pays the Lessor a deposit in the amount specified in the booking form to secure all claims of the Lessor towards the Lessee under the Contract, and in particular:

5.1.1. in case of car theft and total damage

5.1.2. Lost keys or remote control for car,

5.1.3. loss of registration certificate,

5.1.4. damage to rented car,

5.1.5. Damage to the interior of the car, eg damaged upholstery, windows, etc.

5.1.6. smoking cigarettes and candles in the car.

5.2. In the case of damage to the rental items, the amount of damage or the amount corresponding to the loss of the right to reduce the car insurance premium will be deducted from the deposit.

5.3. Return of the deposit occurs within 7 working days from the date of return of the car, however not earlier than after the Tenant has settled all obligations under the Lease Agreement. Where it is not possible to immediately estimate losses, the Lessor has 30 working days for settlement and return of the deposit.

5.4. The Lessor is entitled to deduct from the Deposit the obligations of the Tenant arising from performance of the lease, including in particular the obligations resulting from the improper performance of the obligations imposed on the Tenant

5.5. If the amount of the obligations arising from this contract exceeds the amount of the deposit paid, the Tenant agrees to pay the remaining amount of the liability.

5.6. The Tenant is responsible for all fees and charges, eg for bad parking etc. , after the return of the deposit also, within the deadline indicated in the debit note. In the absence of payment within the specified period the Tenant will pay default interest along with other fees related to the enforcement of payment.


6. Cancellation / Cancellation

6.1. In case of cancellation / withdrawal by the Tenant the following fees will be charged:

  1. above 50 days before start of booking, 20% of total rental cost.
  2. 49 to 25 days before start of booking, 50% of total rental cost.
  3. 24 to 16 days before start of booking, 75% of total rental cost.
  4. 15 to 8 days before start of booking, 90% of total rental cost.
  5. Under 7 days prior to booking, 100% of total rental cost

6.2. Cancellations must be made to the Tenant in writing or electronically.

6.3. The cancellation date is the date of receipt of the cancellation document to the Lessor.

6.4. In the event of cancellation / rejection of the booking by the Lessor, all fees will be return immediately.

6.5. The Lessor reserves the right to withdraw from the contract / cancel of reservation at any time if the reserved vehicle will be subject to an accident or other injury or other significant circumstances and there is no possibility of safe use of the vehicle. In such a case, the Lessor may propose other vehicle or return all payments made by the Tenant, however the Tenant shall not be entitled to any additional compensation.


7. Pick up and returning the car

7.1. At the time of pick up the car you will be signed a rental agreement, in accordance with these “general terms and conditions”, not the signature of the contract by the Tenant will be considered a cancellation at the last minute

7.1.1 With the release of the car the landlord receives the following documents: signed lease agreement, signed acceptance protocol, authorization for driving motorhome, copy of registration certificate, copy of insurance policy

7.2. The affordability and cost of renting a car depends on how long and period of rental.

7.3.1. In the car is prohibited to carry and hold animals without the consent of the Lessor, it is also forbidden to carry bicycles and other “moving” objects inside of motorhome

7.3.2. The car should be returned clean inside and out, fuel tank and washer fluid should be full. Tanks of water, cassette toilet – empty

7.3.3. The Tenant pays the amount of 100 Eur, in the case of donating a vehicle with a non-emptied WC. Internal cleaning costs – 50 Eur, washing outside 50 Eur, Pickup / returning of the vehicle on Sunday – 50 Eur, Lost keys 500 Eur. Loss of registration or insurance policy. – 500 Eur. Upholstery wash 50 – 150 Eur. Returning the car with non full fuel tank: fuel / refueling cost + 50 Eur

7.3.4. In case of returning the car after the expiry of the term specified in the Lease Agreement, the Tenant agrees to pay a penalty of 30 Eur for each commenced hour after the expiration of the period

7.4. The Tenant will return the car within the specified period and there is no possibility of extending the Rental Agreement without the written Lessor’s consent (SMS or email)

7.4.1. If there is a possibility of extending the deadline for returning the car, the cost will be fixed in the amount specified in point 4.2.1.

7.5. In case of a delay in the delivery of the car due to the fault of the Lessor, he is obliged to immediately return the difference in costs resulting from the number of days of delay .

7.6. Prior to pick up the car, the Tenant is required to undergo a car service training and trial ride in the company of the Lessor. The procedure of pick up and returning a motorhome is always terminated by signing the protocol.

7.7. If the Tenant returns the car at a date earlier than indicated in the agreement, the Lessor is not obliged to return the fee in this respect.

7.8. If the Tenant does not return the vehicle to 6 hours after the time indicated in the Rental Agreement and will not contact the Lessor, the Lessor will inform the law enforcement authorities of the theft and will result in a total loss of the deposit.

7.9. Receiving a motorhome by the Lessor does not release the Tenant from liability for damages if they were discovered later and they could not be seen during a return of the vehicle.


8. Accident / accident management.

8.1. In case of a breakdown or accident, the Tenant is obliged to immediately inform the Lessor of the incident, and further action is contingent on the type of damage / breakdown and agreement with the Lessor.

8.2. In case of a collision / accident not the fault of the Tenant, you should also notify the police and write down the protocol signed by the perpetrator. All such damages not reported and not certified by the Police Tenant will be obligated to liquidate at his own expense.

8.3. If damage / failure has no effect on driving safety or deterioration of the vehicle, the Tenent may continue to drive. Otherwise the damage should be removed in a way that guarantees safe travel and proper technical condition of the vehicle.

8.4. In case that the failure is not due to the fault of the Tenent, the Lessor agrees to refund the agreed costs for the removal of the failure provided that the full disaster recovery documentation and old parts. When it is necessary to make repairs not caused by the fault of the Tenant and at the same time prevent the use of the car, the Lessor is obliged to reduce the rent for days excluded from use.

8.5. In case of failure of the tenant’s fault, he is fully responsible for this fact, and the Lessor has the right to claim any compensation for any losses incurred.

8.6. In case that, as a result of the event or theft, it is not possible to continue the journey, the Lessor is not obliged to arrange accommodation or to cover the costs of repair and / or return to Tenant’s place of residence.

8.7. The Tenant is obliged to report any irregularities noticed during the use of the vehicle, both mechanical and electronic, and any other vehicle equipment under the pain of total loss of the deposit.


9 Restrictions on use

9.1. Motorhome can not be used by the Tenent for purposes other than recreational and tourist purposes, and can not in particular be used for car events, car tests, and can not be used for the transportation of items in particular flammable, toxic or dangerous goods.

9.2. The Tenant has no right to sublease the car.

9.3. The vehicle should be properly closed and secured. The Tenant is obliged to regularly inspect the vehicle and make sure that it meets all the conditions necessary for safe driving.

9.4. It is absolutely forbidden to drive a car under the influence of alcohol or other stimulants.

9.5. It is forbidden to cross the speed 120 km / h. and opening the side windows in the living part while driving.

9.6. If you leave the car in the immediate vicinity of sports and entertainment facilities such as stadiums, halls, amphitheatres, at the time of mass events, the Tenant is obliged to leave the car in the guarded car park.

9.7. Any limitations on the payment of compensation are described in the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance.

9.8. It is only permissible to drive around the European Union (and Associated) countries, and any travel to Eastern European countries (eg Russia, Ukraine, Belarus) is strictly forbidden. It is also forbidden to travel in areas subject to hostilities and riots.

9.9. The car is strictly prohibited from smoking and all kinds of candles, incense, etc.

9.9.1. The lessor reserves the right to carry out all necessary work related to the removal of damage caused by smoking in the car at the expense of the Lessee.


10 Final provisions

10.1. Any disputes or claims will be handled by the appropriate Court for the Lessor’s registered office. In case of discrepancies between the language versions of these terms and conditions, the Polish version shall prevail.